Dear followers. I haven’t posted a lot here this year, and the reason is I got myself a new phone with a way better camera, so suddenly I found myself using Instagram a lot instead. The content is almost exclusively plants and flowers, so if anyone is interested just drop me an ask and I’ll gladly give you a link to my account.

Year’s first croci in my back yard. More than a month earlier than last year

I planted the seeds from a butternut squash a few weeks ago. The seedlings are very excited about spring. 

The new moon the other night.

Belated birthday tulips. 

Early morning sunlight.

The year’s first cyclamen bud.

Snow wasn’t exactly what I meant when I hoped for an end to 3 weeks of rain. 

Home in time for New Years and glad there are still lots of flowers on the Christmas Cactus.

Key Lime Pie standing in for birthday cake this year. 

So I’ve done what I set out to do. One photo each day during the year in which I am 29 (and I think I only cheated a couple of times and never with more than an hour or two by missing midnight). And as of today, I’m 30. Thanks to everyone who has come along! It’s been a lot of fun, it’ll be weird not to have to take a photo tomorrow. I think I will continue posting pictures here, though (turns out I really love documenting my plants…), rather than preserving this blog as is (I’m assuming nobody minds?) but the schedule will be a little less rigorous. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate!